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Stainless Steel Polymer filter packs


Stainless Steel Polymer filter packs

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Stainless Steel Polymer Filter Packs

Polymer filters packs are made from the best grades of stainless steel 304 ,316 and 316L.with stainless steel wire mesh cloth stamped and punching and Alum plate bound edge, polymer Extrusion screen are effective in keeping away combined foreign particles from the finally equipped extrusion product and offer a clean and clear extrusion for polyester and Polymer processing equipments.


• Style: plain weave, plain dutch weave, twill weave, twill dutch weave.
• Layer: single layer, multi-layers.
• Shape: circle, square, oval, rectangular, kidney, cones and other special shape extruder screen filter disc, cylindrical extruder screen, multilayer extruder  screen with spot welded and with or without frame.
• Edge processing methods: spot welding, wrapping edge or no edge processing.
• Bound edge materials: stainless steel, copper, aluminum 
• Mesh count: usually 10 mesh - 650 mesh, and 2800 mesh dutch weave can be offered.
• Wire diameter: 0.1mm-6.00mm.
• Filter precision: 0.1 - 300 um.
• Disc diameters: 25mm,36 mm,48mm,58mm,68mm.95mm.250mm.480mm,580mm ,600 mm (custom size: 8 mm - 3800 mm).
• Disc shapes: round (diameter 44 - 600 mm), ring (inner diameter 18 - 250 mm, outer diameter 50 - 350 mm), rectangular (length 60 mm - 400 mm, width 50 mm - 100 mm), crescent, semicircle, square, oval, abnormal shape, etc.


Stainless Steel Polymer extruder screen packs mainly used for filtration of plastics and rubber processing industry, chemical and pharmaceutical industry. extruder granulator, extruded profiles and blown film industries,manufacture and reprocessing of plastic.It are also used in the rubber products and to the synthetic fibre industry,petrochemical, food industries.Extruder screens are widely applied on PC, PP, PE, PS, HIPS, PET, PVC and other plastic sheet extruder, the membrane machine, granulator, and nonwoven fabrics, color masterbatch, filler, leather chemical fiber extruder, etc.

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