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Rimmed Filter Screen


Rimmed Filter Screen

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Rimmed Filter Screen

Hebei Geluorui Filter can offer you a complete set of Assembly used inside spin pack body, such as polymer Filter Mesh, Rimmed Filter Screen,Ring,Spinneret, gaskets and so on .
The polymer Filter Screen service to In the processing of producing synthetic fibers,especially filament POY /FDY/ BCF/staple fiber/ nonwoven spinning, To Filtration all the foreign substance.
Keeping the polymer should be not leaked out of spin pack containers.Then got excellent polymer melt products

Raw Material:


Woven types :Plain woven.Dutch woven.
U Bound normal working .
U Bound plate thickness :0.4mm,0.5mm.0.8mm with Aulum.Stainless steel or Copper Ring
Layer:Five layer,U-bound craft
Type: single-layer, multi-layer
Shape: circle, ring, oval, rectangular,
Structure: customer-specific
Filtration rate: 1μm-500μm process-specific design

Disc Diameter:

36mm,48mm,55mm,60mm,65mm,90mm.101mm,150mm.250mm.300mm and so on .
Microns of size :25μm-800μm,Others size we can process and made of your offer and request.


Polyester Oriental Yarn.
Polyester Stable Fibers.
Polypropylene Yarn.
Nylon and Acrylic Yarn.
BCF Polypropylene Yarn.
Polypropylene Spun bonded Non-woven Fabrics.
Granulate production (monomer ,polymers)
Raw material and smi-finished
Products (tube ,panel ,profiles ,pipes) Rubber processing
Filment production (yarms,filaments ,Fleeces)
woven fabrics, color master batch,plastic and PVC granulation,
sheet extrusion, carbon fiber.Pressure line filters.

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