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Stainless Steel Filter Washer Screen


Stainless Steel Filter Washer Screen

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Stainless Steel Filter Washer Screen

Stainless Steel Filter Washer Screen is suitable to water filtration pipes and  PVC air Vents pipes .Our engineer can design ,processing and made of all the kinds of types screens offer. Three spot ,six spot welding craft and so on.The wire mesh or sintered wire mesh and ring of raw material ASTM Standard.Let all international Fire Protection department and Pharmaceutical Machinery of Extractor systems client got the Excellent products service in here.

Woven types :Plain woven wire mesh.dutch wire mesh .
Ring edge width :2.0mm-20.00mm
Ring edge plate thickness :1.00mm-20.00mm
Layer:single,double,Three, Five layer,multilayer. Sintered
Disc Diameter:15mm.12.7mm,25.4mm,50.8mm,76.2mm,101.6mm.152.4mm,203.2mm.254.00mm.304.8mm

Mesh of size :
880 microns = 18 Mesh Screen
200 microns = 80 mesh screen
100 microns = 100 mesh screen
130 microns = 120 mesh screen
115 microns = 140 mesh screen
75 microns = 200 mesh screen
50 microns = 300 mesh screen
25 microns = 500 mesh screen
10 microns = 1350 mesh screen

Others size we can process and made of your offer and request.

Water Purification and filtration
Fire Protection water Filtration and supply systems
Water pipe filtration systems
Pharmaceutical Machinery of Extractor systems.

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