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Insert Hydraulic Safety Screen


Insert Hydraulic Safety Screen

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Insert Hydraulic Safety Screen

Hydraulic Safety Screens are designed as “last defence” safety screens to protect critical fluid control components against rogue contamination.
They are meant to be companion parts to other Geluorui filter products, or can be used as standalone components for installation into plastics bags.

Raw Material

Woven types :Plain woven.Dutch woven.sintered wire mesh
Diameters :5.5mm,8.0mm,10mm.12mm,16mm.18mm.20mm,25mm in normal working .
The plate thickness :3mm-15mm.
Layer:single,double,Three, multilayer.


These Cartridge hydraulic safety screens are constructed with a stainless steel wire mesh, bonded together by using an exclusive process that offers
superior integrity and a longer life.
Three different size models are available for design flexibility .


Including oxygen concentrators, hospital beds, prosthetics, patient cooling devices,dental devices,
and other medical equipment.

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