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Stainless Steel Pleated Filter Screen


Stainless Steel Pleated Filter Screen

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Stainless Steel Pleated Filter Screen

Hebei Geluorui Filter has the ability to custom pleated and stamped  filter discs in house to a variety of sizes. Standard filter discs are pleated to increase surface area,
however, non-pleated discs can be manufactured upon request.  

Material:ASTM A 240,ASTM A 666,SUS SS304L.SUS SS316.SUS SS316L,
Bounded Edge material :Brass plate,Copper Plate.Stainless steel plate with 0.5-1.0mm thickness in normal .
Woven wire mesh types : Sintered wire mesh pleated and plain woven of pleated
Filter mesh size:from 2 Micron to 200 Micron! othes micron ratings and closer Toterances available.
Size:0.093" To 5".othes Special specifications and size enquiry to us .That's available.The tolerance ± 0.003“

Engineer Craft: stamped  and pleated wire Mesh,The bound edge with copper plate or Stainless steel plate edge

Glory Filtration processing and made strainers, fuel filters and more for the highest level of performance, health and safety in air filtration and system performance.
chemicals and pharmaceutics
All types of Filtration of Fuel oil ,liquid,gas and Air Filtration.
servo valve  and Pumps
Hydraulics and Actuators
Pneumatic and Hydraulic Control Systems
Secondary filters

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