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Replacement Mesh Screens


Replacement Mesh Screens

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Replacement Mesh Screens

Our engineer can design ,processing and made all kinds of Spare Mesh Screens as customs DWG drawing and sample offer.
The raw material have JIS .ASTM.KS BS.AS.and so on Standard. Let all international client got the Excellent products service in here.

Raw Material:

 Monel, Inconel. Brass,Copper. Aulm.

Woven types :Plain woven.Dutch woven.sintered wire mesh
Bound edge width normal working .
Bound edge plate thickness :0.4mm,0.5mm.0.8mm.
Mesh Fabric Weaving: Plain,Twill,Dutch Weave,Five Heddle Weave.
Edge Processing of Craft: Spot welded,cut pieces,framed, rimmed,

Filter Disc Screen Diameter:

33mm,34mm,37mm,46mm,48mm,50.5mm.51mm,55mm,57mm,59mm,60mm,65mm,68mm,69.8mm.82mm.83mm .87mm,90mm.101mm,
120mm,130mm.140mm,150mm.160mm.200mm.230mm.250mm.270mm and so on .

Mesh of size :

550microns = 30 mesh screen
400 microns = 40 mesh screen
250 microns = 60 mesh screen
200 microns = 80 mesh screen
130 microns = 120 mesh screen
115 microns = 140 mesh screen
75 microns = 200 mesh screen
25 microns= Dutch woven 100 mesh x 780mesh


Others size we can process and made of your offer and request. 


Chemical fiber
Coffee filtration.
Suction line strainers
Filters for Polyester fiber production
Water Purification and filtration
woven fabrics, color master batch,plastic and rubber,PVC granulation,
Airless Sprayer Pump equipment.


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