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Stainless steel Suction Filter Element


Stainless steel Suction Filter Element

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Stainless steel Suction Filter Element

It is because of the Excellent quality we provide in Suction filter; These suction filters can be majority of core sector industries like mining, construction, power, coal, gas, iron and steel, aluminium and oil refineries etc. These filter products is tested under the strict supervision of quality experts in order to ensure the defined quality standards.

The more customers join into our products service list. We offer replacement element which fits in filter housings made by leading manufacturers worldwide, offer the product variety of filter housing and expertise in designing and manufacturing filter elements. Further these suction filters are provided according to the needs and requirements of our customers.

Wire Mesh Material:

Multi-layer Sintered wire mesh
standard five-layer sintered wire mesh
sintered square wire mesh ,
sintered Laminated plain Dutch woven wire mesh
sintered perforated and woven wire mesh .

Layer: 5 - 7 layers.
Standard Thickness: 1.7mm.
Filtering Rating: 2- 200 micron.
Filter Media: sintered wire mesh.
Working Temperature: -200 - 600°C.
Working Pressure of Sintered Filter Cartridge: 3Mpa.

Main Connector Connections: Standard connector, snap coupling, thread connection, flange connection, rod connection, special customization.
Package: with bubble wrapping paper, packaged in wooden boxes or according client's requirement.

Directions of Pipe Filter Elements Model: CF-D/L-R
D-Outside Diameter
R-Filtration Rating
End Connections Available

NPT / BSP Threaded
Flanged Table E / Table F
ANSI B 16.5 Flanged
DIN Standard
Tri Clover Adaptors
SMS /Dairy End Connection
Sizes of the cylindrical filter elements: Any outline size is available at customer's requirement.


High strength, no need of support
No possibility of media migration occurring
Pipe type stainless steel filter elements have wide operating temperature range
This type of filter elements are strongly corrosion resistant
Pipe filter elements are very easy to clean and offer long service life

Available filtration rating of pipe filter elements (μm): 2, 5, 10, 20, 40, 75, 100, 150, 200

Application :

filtration of polyester, oil products,
chemicals and pharmaceutics,
pure water and gas, also used for flow control
mining, construction, power, coal, iron and steel,aluminium and oil refineries

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