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Stainless Steel Single Bolt Hose Clamps


Stainless Steel Single Bolt Hose Clamps

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Stainless Steel Single Bolt Hose Clamps

Stainless Steel Single Bolt Hose Clamps is European type hose clamp.With have two types Single and Double Bolt Hose Clamp.
European bolt hose clamps has 360 degrees sealing surface and 3 or 4 spots weld with hollow mandrel for extra strength for high torque application,
which can assure leak proof to all connection. Bolt clamps are made from the highest quality industrial grade 316L stainless steel.
Bolt Hose clamps of Grade 316 is on request.In addition, our t bolt clamps are factory tested can be applied to a wide variety of automotive,
industrial (such as hoses) and home uses. Also, T bolt clamps can be attached to our oil suction hose and oil delivery hose.

Raw Material

SS304,SS 316,SS316L,SS 201.

Available Size:

Size: hose OD from 17mm to 252mm.


oil, gas, liquid and rubber hose of the automobile,
ship, tractor, sprinkler, gasoline engine, diesel engine
and other mechanical equipment, ,industry,
auto pipe,motor pipe,water pipe,cooling pipe etc.
Material handling.
Leak proof for vehicles turbo silicone hose.
Radiator silicone hoses.

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