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Screen Gaskets


Screen Gaskets

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Screen Gaskets

Our screen gaskets are manufactured using USA or Korea import raw material  of compliant elastomers and fluoroelastomers, with stainless steel screens or mesh.Typically used to filter particulates from liquids,
Hebei Geluorui's screen gaskets are easy to install and provide reliable, durable performance. Tri-Clamp configurations are standard,
however screen gaskets can be customized on request.

Our Craft and Tech

Hebei Geluorui Filter Tech specializes in quality manufacturing and innovation. To ensure particulates are effectively filtered from process media, our stainless steel screen gaskets are made using only the highest purity, top-quality materials. With a comprehensive range of connection sizes,materials, and screen mesh sizes, fluid filtration is simple, efficient.The Engineer team of in-house engineers and experts are constantly adapting to new situations and implementing designs for the best possible solutions.

Advantages of Some Bound Edge of Gasket Raw Materials:

Buna: Excellent resistance to fats, oils, and petroleum-based fluids
FKM/Viton: Acid resistant, good chemical stability, high temp-resistant
EPDM: Excellent cell culturing & bioprocess compatibility. Excellent steam resistance
PTFE: Highly inert to most chemicals, food, beverage and bioprocess media. Wide temperature range
Platinum Silicone: Highest Purity and high temperature resistance for demanding bioprocess applications
Flouro-Steel: Highest temperature resistance, does not cold flow, chemically inert.


Gasket Materials Available: FKM, Buna, EPDM, PTFE, Platinum Silicone, Metal Detectable Elastomers
Sizes Available: 10mm - 150mm for Tri-Clamp connections. Other styles are available on request.
Screen Material Available: 304 ,316 or 316L Stainless Steel
Mesh Sizes Available: 10mesh-150mesh
Temperature Range: -50°F to 500°F (Varies by Gasket Material selected)
Durometer Hardness: Shore A: 30A - 70A
Colors Available: Black, White, Transparent


Adaptable to various within the food and biopharmaceutical process industries. pharmaceutical and  beverage companies have consistently depended on.

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