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Aluminum Ring


Aluminum Ring

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Aluminum Ring

Solid Aluminum rings also known as aluminum sealing rings,Washer Gasket or lining washer,made of aluminum (EN AW-1050A) standard .
Compress solid aluminum rings to create a tight seal between two connecting parts.with no split or opening. Good as tow points or holding groups of crossing spars together.
Sealing washers are commonly used as drain plug gaskets or in applications that require prevention from fluid (oil, fuel, water, etc.) leaks.


Measurement System:Metric
Thickness Size:1.5mm-10mm
Outside Diamters size:4mm-90mm
Size standard: DIN 7603-A


Aluminum is a great choice for a sealing gasket, when compressed, it deforms around contours or irregularities in the contact surfaces. Corrosion resistant in damp and wet environments, aluminum is also lightweight.
Once compressed / installed, these gaskets are not reusable.


Industries that use solid aluminum washers: automotive, performance racing, industrial machinery, plumbing, aerospace, electronics, agriculture, clean energy, material processing and heavy equipment.

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