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Copper Rings


Copper Rings

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Copper Rings

Solid copper rings gasket to make a leak tight UHV seal between two conflat flanges. Oxygen free high conductivity (OFHC) copper is normally
used as this sealing material as it is very clean, can easily be formed to shape, has a wide temperature range, and has a low outgassing rate。

•  The Outside Diameters:10.00mm-300mm
•  The Inside Diameters:5.0mm-280mm
•  Thinckness :0.5mm-3.00mm
• All kinds of copper washer ,widely used, good in quality with favorable price
• has good jointing and sealing performance
• no leakage
• working pressure: 2-42 Mpa
• temperature is the high situation can still guarantee mechnical propertie

Copper rings filled with asbestos can be manufactured as per the requirements of the customer. Also these rings can be filled with and/or Graphite depending upon the requirements of the customer.

• oil lines
• hydraulic fittings
• oil drain
• Car accessories
• Industrial Machinery
• Agricultural machinery

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