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Stainless Steel Candle Filter Elements


Stainless Steel Candle Filter Elements

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Stainless Steel Candle Filter Elements

Stainless Steel Candle Filter Elements is rolled by multi-layer (usually five layers) 316L or 304L stainless steel sintered wire mesh, sintered by high temperature vacuum, use argon arc or plasma welding to Cylinder.The size and distribution of the holes are adjusted by selecting the wire diameter, the mesh size and the weaving method of the wire mesh.

Raw Material wire mesh and Media

Material: SS304(L) SS316(L). Etc.
Multi-layer Sintered wire mesh
standard five-layer sintered wire mesh
sintered square wire mesh ,
sintered Laminated plain Dutch woven wire mesh
sintered perforated and woven wire mesh

Size and parts information 

Connection:Threaded Connection , 222, 220, 226, Flange
Filtration Rate:≥3μm
Parts:Stainless Steel Wire Mesh+ Stainless Steel Parts
Air Permeability:≥600 L / Dm² /Min
Wall Thickness:≥1.7mm
Color: Silver
Air Permeability: ≥600 L / dm² /Min
Length: ≤2000mm
Diameter: φ15-500mm
Working Temperature: ≤600℃
Working Pressure: ≤30MPa


- Good air permeability;
- Excellent resistance to erosion, heat, pressure and abrasion;
- Uniform gas hole, high filtration rate;
- Large flow capacity;
- Reusing possible after ultrasonic weave, chemical reagent washing, free replacement.


-High polymer industry: synthetic, plastic or film production;
-Chemical industry: petrochemical, petroleum or paint refining, etc.;
-Pharmaceutical and food industry: medicine/food refining or cycling;
-Mechanical and vessel industries: hydraulic machine/milling oil production, gas flow controlling;
-Gas industry: flow controlling;
-Air purification or water treatment: sterilization & filtration;
-Others: High temperature, high viscosity, high pressure.



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