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Stainless Steel Polymer Filter Elements


Stainless Steel Polymer Filter Elements

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Stainless Steel Polymer Filter Elements

Geluorui polymer filter element is made from sintered 316L stainless steel fibers and Sintered wire mesh, able to withstand high temperature up to 300℃ and deal with highly corrosive media.

Technical Specifications

Filtration media : sintered  fibers and Sintered wire mesh
Filtration Microns rate :From 2 to 200 microns
is available
Main Connector Connections:MNPT,FNPT,226.DOE.220,222.ect.
Operating pressure: max.40MPa
Operating temperature: ≤300℃
Dynamic viscosity: ≤260Pa·S
Dirt holding capacity: 16.9~41mg/cm2 
Max. pressure drop: P=10MPa


High flow rates. With the pleated process, it increase the filter area and dirt holding capacity. That reduces the differential pressure and save the filter cost.

Long on-stream life time. Our filter medium is siutable for different application environment, including stainless steel, Hastalloy, Inconel, Nickel. These material
makes the filter an excellent mechanical strength, good corrosion resistant and high temperature. These help extend the service life and save cost.

Easy to clean. Through superheated steam, chemical cleaning, Ultrasonic cleaning and other method to clean the contamination. We have the skilled technical
department to solve the critical cleaning problems to extend the filter on-stream lifetime.

Nice surface and Stronger structure :The screen wire mesh, end cap and the support skeleton of the filter are firmly welded by laser, which improves the reliability
of the polymer filter and reduces the production cost. The pleating of the element doubles the filtration area than normal elements. The filter element is electropolished
to remove all metal burrs for higher fluid flow smoothness.


The polymer melt filters are widely used in pharmacy, biology, beverage, petroleum, chemical and membrane industry.

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