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Basket Sintered Filter Elements


Basket Sintered Filter Elements

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Basket Sintered Filter Elements

Our basket sitered filter element is made with various types of sintered wire mesh, We use fully Argon arc welded or plasma welding joints method while fabricating our basket filter element.

Our basket filter element gives low-pressure drop and has large dirt holding capacity so no frequent cleaning is required. They are constructed with filter housing, filter element supported with perforated cage, a positive sealing arrangement to avoid any bypass, and choice of end connections. Our basket filter elements are available with positive sealing like ‘O’ ring and Gasket to prevent leakage. With its high dirt keeping ability and its cleanable and reusable design, our basket filter element allows for longer usage.

Raw Material

The standard material are SS304, SS304L, SS316, SS316L. Monel 400, Inconel are acceptable based on customer’s requirement.
Metal Mesh Materia Typesl:stainless steel sintered wire mesh, Multi-layer Sintered wire mesh,standard five-layer sintered wire mesh,sintered square wire mesh ,sintered Laminated plain Dutch woven wire mesh,sintered perforated and
woven wire mesh raw material.  


– Dimensions: Wrought into tubes or basket 
– Diameter for tubes: 20 ~ 1000 mm
– Flange Diameter for tubes: 30 ~ 1500 mm
– Filtration precision: 2 ~ 200μm
Customized basket filter elements are available in all sizes and shapes according to consumer unique filtering applications.


Refineries and Petrochemicals
Power Plants
Oil & Gas
Water filtration and Cooling Towers
Chemical Industries
Automobile Industries
Steel Industries, Metals & Minerals
Textile Industries
Dairy and Food Industries
Dyes, Inks and paints Industries
Cement Industries
Fertilizers Industries
Coolant Oils and Cutting Fluids
foods beverage.ect.

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