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Fuel Injector Filter Basket mesh


Fuel Injector Filter Basket mesh

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Fuel Injector Filter Basket mesh

Our engineer can processing and made different size of Fuel Filter Basket Mesh by the brass plate bound eege and woven mesh ,To service to the fuel injectors,petrol fuel syetem

Raw material Wire mesh types :plain woven wire mesh.
Mesh size :100mesh ,120mesh, 150 mesh ,200mesh and so on.
Layer:single annealed layer
Round diameter: 4.2mm.5.3mm .5.5mm,6mm.6.6mm.8.7mm.9.6mm. 10.3mm.10.4mm.10.7mm.12.4mm and so on !and so on
Top shapes types: Flat. Cone.

Engineer Craft 

To processing and Punching  ,The  bound edge with copper plate or Brass plate edge


Car Oil fuel filtration systems ,Such as GM, Ford, Toyota, Volvo, VW, Saab, Chrysler, BMW etc.
Auto and motorcycle filtration systems

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