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Pressure Gauge Filter Screen


Pressure Gauge Filter Screen

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Pressure Gauge Filter Screen

This Pressure Gauge Filter Screen is parts or compnend of in-ground pools filtration systems  .
For update and replacement Filter screen on time during in to existing equipment of swimming .
So can keeeping the water clarity and purity is crucial to your family’s enjoyment, health, and safety.
we can supplies all the kinds of filter Screen or compnents, so whatever your needs are, there’s an ideal model list.

Raw Material :

H65 and H80 of Brass wire mesh ( 40mesh,60mesh.80mesh.100mesh) and Brass plate.

Measurement and Dimensions

Dia.8mm-Dia.250mm in normal.
Others special size we can process and made of your offer and request.


Specializing and professinal products service
accetpable and suitable delivery time.
Provide OEM and ODM service to customer.
Service and Export area:South korea,Indonesia.Malaysia.Australia,etc


For use to Model PRC50, PRC75, pool and spa cartridge filter PTM135 and PRD aboveground filters of swimming equipment .

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