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Valve Strainer Mesh Filter


Valve Strainer Mesh Filter

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Valve Strainer Mesh Filter

The Valve Strainer Mesh Filter Series Strainer promotes a compact design with multiple configurations to fit the exact end use application.
The Connector Connections with Standard Suction has a molded 304 Stainless Screen.A Stainless steel Body with 304 Stainless Screen is available.  
The Filter have a Female Friction Fit and are called out according to the size of a Female NPT  or BSP fitting.
Valve Strainer Mesh Filter have a true threaded Female NPT or BSP connection.

Raw Material:


Size information 

Micron rating: 20 to 1000 Micron.
All Stainless Steel construction
Threading Screw Size :1”,1 1/4”,1 “,1/2”,1 1/2” ,2” of FPT,NPT,BSP.”.
Available size range: 1/2” - 4”


This Valve Strainer Mesh product is designed to be used at the end of suction pipework, either on it's own or in conjunction with a Check Valve as a Foot valve Strainer,
to protect the pump (or similar) from any large pieces of foreign matter or debris from entering the pipework system.

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