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Pressure Gauge Mesh Filter


Pressure Gauge Mesh Filter

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Pressure Gauge Mesh Filter

This Pressure Gauge Mesh Filter is one of the many components necessary for food,water,oil,Liquid,gas of machines equipment industrial area
It fits between the two push fittings and is the final step in protecting the gauge from debris.

Size and wire mesh types:
The size of 6mm,8mm.9mm.10mm and so on
wire mesh types:Brass wire mesh,copper wire mesh brozen wire mesh,Stainless steel wire mesh

Specializing and professinal products service
accetpable and suitable delivery time.
Provide OEM and ODM service to customer.
Service and Export area:Europe, North America, East Asia,etc

The coffee equipment & espresso gear .
The aerosol and bag-on-valve filling machinery
compressed air, water, lube oil, fuel oil to Natural Gas.
For Robot Espresso Maker

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