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Bag Suction Strainer Mesh


Bag Suction Strainer Mesh

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Bag Suction Strainer Mesh

Bag Suction Strainer Mesh to sevice the spray gun of Air Power machines .Also called suction spray gun pot filters .

Raw Material of wire  and Threading .


Filter Specifications:

Top 35mm wide at the bottom 42mm high with 1" NPT threading.
80 Mesh Stainless Steel filter screen in normal 
Stainless steel Body Options :1/2, 3/4, 1, 1-1/2
Female NPT ,1/4, 3/8 .1/8 Hose Barb
Mesh normal size :60 mesh,70mesh,80 Mesh (Standard),
Layer : single layer or double layers are available 

suction spray gun pot paint bag filters feature :

Slide onto the suction stem inside your siphon pot
Will fit all brands of suction spray gun
Prevents undissolved pigments and dirt from spoiling paint finishes
Easy to clean and re-usable many time over
Highly effective in removing contaminants from paint  


For used to manufacture of spray finishing equipment. atomizing nozzles and air caps and spray guns. The industrial and automotive spray finishing industry.
Suction spray gun pot filters available in a variety of sizes and screen mesh manufactured in USA Client to the highest standard. 

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